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Spectre Sportfish Boats

Spectre Sportfish, Inc. designs, manufactures and sell offshore sport boats and sport fishing boats. These recreational boats are customized for each owner, using top quality products and materials, and advanced construction techniques. Spectre targets the segment of the recreational fish boat market where quality, performance, aesthetics, safety and speed are the main criteria for purchase.

From its roots as a premier boat manufacturer back in the 1980s, Spectre quickly became known for its performance excellence and attention to detail.

Spectre's design and construction techniques produce boats that attain world class performance, while using standard engines. Over the years, Spectre has gained world recognition with an impressive list of credentials, and has won numerous races and awards including:

As you can see, Spectre are the Masters of offshore racing, and now introduces the new standards in offshore high performance Tournament fishing boats. From 23 to 37 feet, Spectre unveils the next step in the evolution of “get there first with the best ride” offshore fishing boats.

State of the art construction and materials is what you'll find in all three models. The use of Kevlar reinforcements along with vacuum bagged construction techniques means you'll be running a superior fishing machine with features rarely found in today's offshore market.

Over the years, a seasoned boat owner, while looking for the right boat, or wanting to build a boat, has had many frustrations: poor performance, sub-standard quality and design, and bad service from the manufacturer or dealer.

The overall Spectre philosophy is simple: build top quality, high performance fish boats that and owner can be proud of.

So you be the judge. If you are serious about buying a performance fishing boat, Treasure Coast Yacht Sales welcomes you to contact us and take a closer look for yourself.

Call us for an appointment to see first hand all the small details that make up the big difference!